Lil Kim Gave Shade to Nicki Minaj Before She Blew Up?

Nicki Minaj’s Queen Radio has been a success on Beats 1 and she has released the latest episode 14.

I remember the times when you [Nicki] were in the room with @LilKim and she walked away from you!”

The broadcast had some gems like the quote above by Waka Flocka’s mother, Deb Antney. Queen Radio touched on topics in the earlier part of Nicki Minaj’s career. Deb claimed that Lil Kim was in the same room with Nicki Minaj and that the icon walked away from the upstart rapper when she tried speaking her. Maybe this is where the issues began with the two New York rappers?

Deb Antney talked about Nicki Minaj having the right to have an attitude due to people snubbing her at the start of her career.

Nicki Minaj spoke with her original manager Fendi and called him out at for thinking he was working with a “brainless ho”.

However, Nicki Minaj could not deny that Fendi ultimately changed her life. Deb really spoke about how Nicki Minaj was turned by labels such as Warner, but she always believed in her. She told Nicki to keep pushing forward when the door was slammed in her face.