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Lil’ Kim Goes Off When Asked About Nicki Minaj


Lil’ Kim snaps on a radio host when he asks her about Nicki Minaj and her album title “Queen” during an interview that is suppose to be about her new music.

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The long standing beef between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj has been well documented. The two of them have thrown shade at each other for years and it all stemmed from Lil Kim feeling that Nicki Minaj was originally pitted against her by men in the industry.


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Nicki Minaj was interviewed by Real 92.3 FM and the conversation took a turn when the interviewer asked her about Nicki Minaj new album entitled “Queen”. Now it’s understandable that he wanted to know this information because Lil Kim has been known to be “Queen Bee” for decades. The crew Lil Kim rolled with shouted out “No, no, no, Nicki questions”, but the hip hop legend thought otherwise.


“Let me ask you this… Why isn’t this about Kim? If we gon’ mention one female [rapper] we need to mention them all. We need to bring everybody [into the conversation], and we need to give everybody love,” she said before addressing The “Queen” rapper directly. “God bless her. What she did, she did, but you know what? I wish her the best. I’m past that. I’m over it.”

In one fell swoop, Kim stopped any drama that could have come out of the interview with a different answer. She may have also curbed any other media from asking her about Minaj ever again. Will this statement stop the beef finally? Only time will tell and we would only know if we hear how Nicki Minaj responds to this latest commentary about her.

She made mention about how she didn’t self proclaim herself as “Queen”, but the title was given to her by “King Of New York” Biggie Smalls and by the streets.

“Stop asking me about ol’ girl or that chick,” she continued. “She did what she did. Hopefully God puts it on her mind to do the right thing because she know what she did. Once that happens, then hopefully everyone will stop asking me about [her]. Y’all don’t do that to her. I don’t like that.”