Living Single 25th Anniversary Cast Reunion


Living Single was one of the most successful African American comedies of the 1990’s that starred Queen Latifah on Fox Television. It aired on Thursdays right after the classic Martin episodes. The cast recently reunited.

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The 1990’s was a golden era for African Americans in terms of the sitcom scene in the United States. The reign of “The Cosby Show”, “A Different World”, and “Family Matters” paved the way for at the time more young adult oriented shows in “Martin”, “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”, and of course “Living Single”.

living single

With the success of Will Smith on the Quincy Jones led “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”, television executives saw that casting a popular hip hop figure could do ratings. One actor who was on an episode with Will Smith on his hit tv show was Queen Latifah. Now Latifah had appeared on the big screen before on 1991’s cult classic “Juice” that starred the iconic Tupac Shakur.


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Erika Alexander who played Maxine Waters fueled the rumors back in July on her instagram when she made mention of Living Single reboot. The cast recently spoke about the rebooting of the show.

The cast above pretty much explained the impact of the show til this day.

  • Queen Latifah (Khadijah James)
  • Kim Fields (Regine Hunter)
  • Kim Coles (Synclaire James-Jones)
  • Erika Alexander (Maxine Shaw)
  • John Henton (Overton ‘Obie’ Wakefield Jones)
  • Terrence C
  • Cress Williams (Terrence ‘Scooter’ Williams)

The show represented the generation that was the first to live through the rise of hip hop in America in the mainstream in the hey day of Biggie Smalls, Wu Tang Clan, and The Fugees. Some critics even say it was the precursor for the highly popular “Friends” tv series.