Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj “Verzuz” Would Be “Great For The Culture” Says Lil’ Cease

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Two of the biggest female rap stars of all-time would be “great for the culture” says Lil’ Cease of Junior Mafia.

When Lil’ Kim stated that she was willing to do a “Verzuz” with Nicki Minaj, fans everywhere started to give their thoughts on what would no doubt be one of the biggest Verzuz showdowns to date. Some fans believed that the encounter would be great, but others believed that the two artists should face rappers from their own era.

Long time rival, Foxy Brown, made a statement of Lil’ Kim avoiding her basically in a subtle message on her Instagram stories. Now another fellow hip hop artist from the era has given his opinion on the situation. The longtime friend and collaborator of Kim, Lil’ Cease, believes hip hop would see one of the greatest celebrations in the genre.

Lil’ Cease would want the hitmakers to be apart of the series. Of course Lil’ Cease would back his fellow Junior Mafia member saying, “I got Kim, man! What do you mean?” as he continued stating it “would be great for the culture”. Cease addressed that some fans took the challenge from Lil’ Kim as something else than what she intended, “I think that’s something great for the culture, I think when everybody saw Kim say it, I think a lot of people took it the wrong way,” he said. “It was like, no, I think that will be great for the culture. If you felt like they had issues, this should be the time to get them both in one room. And Verzuz is not a battle, Verzuz us about a celebration. So, at the end of the day, Kim was just extended that invite to say, ‘Hey, I would rather go with her ’cause I think that makes sense.”