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Lil Meech Addresses Using Prosthetic Penis During “BMF”


Lil Meech’s performance in the latest episode of BMF has people talking over a scene that took place in an adult entertainment establishment.


Yung Miami’s acting chops were also a discussion of ridicule concerning how she performed with a crying scene, but Lil Meech portraying his father Big Meech attended  Magic City. The scene included a dancer who was working to pay off her tuition. Meech is brought to a room in the back where he proceeds to have sexual intercourse with the woman before his penis is shown on camera.

Social media has taken to plenty of jokes over “Big Meech” in the scene, several women also wondered if he was actually nude for the scene. It’s not uncommon for actors to use prosthetic body parts when shooting scenes and many presumed that to be the case in this particular scene. And while Lil Meech didn’t really acknowledge the scene on social media, he caught wind of some of the commentary and finally addressed the matter.


After the clip began to surface online, one woman cast doubts about the authenticity of Lil Meech’s nude scene in BMF. “So y’all all gone act like y’all don’t know that was fake? Be fr. It was way too high up on his stomach for one. For two, it looked fake,” she commented. You really never know who’s in the comments but Meech is apparently skimming through the comment section in his downtime. He called out the women in the comments, responding, “Stop hating b*tch.”

Besides his brush with a commenter, Lil Meech has been at the center of dating rumors after he was spotted with influencer Kris Summers. A video captured the two together at a nail salon in Atlanta. Though they could very well just be friends, the Internet ran with the rumors and continued to crack jokes at Meech’s expense. However, he doesn’t seem to be sweating it too hard, writing, “Opinions don’t matter to me,” on his Instagram Story. Episode 9 of BMF season 2 debuts this Friday. In the meantime, read our comprehensive guide to the Black Mafia Family here.

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