Lil Meech On Finding Out His Dad Was Big Meech

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Lil Meech reveals the moment he found out about the legacy of his father Big Meech occurred during class in private school when the BMF’s Wikipedia page was shown to him.

The world is seeing the story of BMF through 50 Cent‘s production company. The folklore of BMF ran through the streets of Detroit and Atlanta to the point of being heard around North America and abroad. It only gained more notoriety when hip hop stars would name drop ‘Black Mafia Family.”  Starz’ BMF has given people visuals to match some of the stories heard in the streets about Big Meech and Southwest T.

The saga of BMF was not known to Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., who plays the role of his father on BMF, through his own family. It happened due to a class mate showing him what the public knew of his family.  During his recent interview on All The Smoke, Lil Meech revealed that he had no idea who Big Meech was until he had gotten older.


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“I really didn’t understand until I started my teenage years,” Meech explained. “I’m hearing the rappers say his name in songs and I’m going out and I’m just running into all type of different people and they tellin’ me what my dad did for them. Because my family still wasn’t telling me as I grew up, like, ‘Your daddy is Big Meech.'”

Despite the fall of BMF, Big Meech made sure to still provide for his family in the way that he was not coming up as a kid in Detroit. Lil’ Meech was given the best quality education could buy at his private school.

“I’m findin’ out how big he is through people I’m around and stuff I see on the internet,” he continued. “I grew up not knowing who my dad was. When I was in private school, I remember my homie showin’ me Wikipedia pages of my dad. Like, ‘You know this your daddy?'”

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