Lil Nas X Mother Allegedly Caught On Video Begging For Money

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A video surfaced online allegedly of Lil Nas X’s mother begging for change on the street.

Lil Nas X being one of the biggest artists in the music industry today is getting lambasted by some fans for allegedly refusing to help his mother as she struggles with homelessness after a video was shared of her begging for money on the street.

In previous interviews, Lil Nas X has spoken about his relationship with his mother, who struggles with drug addiction. “I never really talk about my mom,” said the rapper in January 2020. “She’s an addict so we don’t have the closest relationship. Even trying to get her better – things didn’t quite work out. But there’s still love…”

A fan-posted video allegedly shows Lil Nas X’s mother begging for money to buy food in Atlanta, Georgia. “This is @lilnasx mom holding a feed me sign,” wrote the fan. Many have been calling out the 22-year-old multi-platinum artist and making assumptions about his relationship with his mother, which he has openly discussed in the past. He claims that he attempted to help her, but to no avail.

Lil Nas X has not commented on this video yet. We will keep you posted if he does.