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Lil Nas X Says “MONTERO” To Be Removed Off Streaming Services

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Is the current #2 song in the country being removed from streaming services this week?

Lil Nas X has been embroiled in heat with plenty of people over his “Montero” music video and single to the point where he is claiming it is being removed from streaming services tomorrow.

The backlash towards Lil Nas X doesn’t just include the song, but his release of pair of shoes he called “Satan Shoes”. The sneakers was a collaboration with MSCHF and contained real blood in which only 666 pairs were sold.

Nike was not pleased with the product that was a custom design and they put in a court order against any more sales. Now music streaming companies are following suit not wanting their platforms to promote or advertise the song. It is being be removed from Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and other services.

Check out what Lil Nas X had to say about the scenario and some of the feedback from social media.