Lil Nas X’s “Satan Shoe” Temporarily Blocked By Nike

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The “Satan Shoes” promoted by Lil Nas X and MSCHF’s encountered a temporary restraining order, preventing production for the time being.

Lil Nas X’s controversial “MONTERO” video has caused a frenzy only got more backlash when the rapper announced his “Satan Shoe” in collaboration with MSCHF that featured a Nike Air Max 97 customized to include a droplet of human blood.

There has been backlash from all parts of society about this project and it has caused Nike some headache with some people wanting to boycott the company despite them not having anything to do with it.

AceShowbiz reports that Nike is already seeing early success on the legal front, with a judge having recently granted a temporary restraining order preventing the production of MSCHF’s sold-out sneaker. In addition, the court order also indicates that MSCHF will not be able to utilize the Nike Swoosh or any other brand resemblances. It’s unclear what this means for the controversial sneaker, though it wouldn’t be surprising if these developing lawsuits only increase demand for the forbidden product.