Lil Wayne Reveals Making 53 Songs In 1 NIGHT

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lil wayne

The discussion about Lil Wayne being one of the greatest rappers alive was recently debated on Everyday Struggle with DJ Akademiks. He spoke with rapper Lil Baby who believes Wayne is the goat, but there are some in the new generation that don’t believe he is the greatest of all time.

There is no doubting his work ethic as he has been outworking plenty of artists over the decades and is compared to workaholics such as the iconic Tupac. His mixtape run had him being compared to Jay Z and his name still rings bell with his latest release entitled “The Funeral”. He has also been an inspiration for today’s rappers such as Young Thug.

Lil Wayne revealed more to fans about his work ethic in an interview with MTV and Fresh Out. During the interview, he explained to the interviewer that “She said eighty songs in your vault… she said two-hundred,” laughed Lil Tunechi before explaining that, solely in his last studio session, he walked away with an astronomical number of hits. “I’ll put it like this. When you leave the studio and you ask, ‘can I get what I did tonight?,’ it comes back as files. My last files was 53. I did 53 songs that night.”

Check out the interview below.