Lil Wayne‘s security guard intends to press charges against the rapper for allegedly pulling a gun on him, despite previously deciding against taking legal action. The altercation took place at Wayne’s Hidden Hills home back in December.The guard has accused Wayne of smacking him in the head with an assault rifle.

The dispute reportedly began after Wayne accused the guard of taking photos of him and leaking them to the press. The guard says he called the police, but Wayne fled the scene before they arrived.

TMZ reports that police do not believe the guard to have a strong enough case against Wayne and had doubts about the legitimacy of his story from the beginning. Police have yet to speak to the 39-year-old rapper.

In Wayne’s defense, he claims that he doesn’t own an assault rifle and police did not find any injuries on the guard when they arrived on the scene.

While it’s been a rough start to January for Wayne, his manager, Mack Maine, said that he plans to rerelease another of the rapper’s classic mixtapes at some point this month.

“Shout-out to the fans. If we could, we’d put all of [the tapes] up in one month,” he told Billboard in November. “It’s a tedious process. It’s not like a one-day thing. But we’re going to hopefully get all those mixtapes [up].”