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Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Block Is Hot Turns 20

lil wayne debut album

This is Venom with this week’s #OldSchoolSaturday topic. With Lil’ Wayne’s “Tha Block Is Hot” album turning 20 years today, I decided what better rapper to spotlight. In a rare occurrence, Lil’ Wayne may seem “old school” to the audience that grew up on the likes of Drake and Young Thug, but he also straddles the fence as a new school artist that influenced the aforementioned.

In November 1999, Cash Money Records gambled on a teenage rapper after having success with other projects such as Juvenile’s 400 Degreez, B.G.’s Chopper City in the Ghetto, and Hot Boys’ Guerrilla Warfare.

Out of respect for his mother, Lil Wayne, never cursed on records (although he would say the N word and rapped about murder) until the release of “Tha Block Is Hot”.

Look, I don’t curse / But in this verse, man, fuck the world

Lil Wayne

During this time Lil Wayne had performed on singles beforehand and was groomed to become a rap star at a young age with veteran skills. This was perhaps at the height of the Cash Money label as a unit taking on the hip hop world.

This formula was used as Lil’ Wayne’s debut album consisted of other members from the label who were red hot at the time. It is a time in hip hop history before the likes of Young Money who would end up being leaders of the new era of hip hop with Nicki Minaj and Drake. The success of Lil’ Wayne allowed others to follow suit using his platform, but it all goes back to his original success off “Tha Block Is Hot” album.

It is why I proclaimed him to be the greatest teenage rapper of all time in the past.

This is another exclusive article by WWETV Writer The Venom!