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LisaRaye Clears The Air On Halle Berry Comments

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LisaRaye is known for shooting from the hip and sometimes her voice offends people. This was once again the case when she made comments about the iconic Halle Berry. As expected, everyone came to the defense of the legend.

During another broadcast of Cocktails with Queens, LisaRaye was asked about Halle’s sex game and answered that she’d heard that the Oscar-winning actress wasn’t any good. Needless to say, LisaRaye may have went too far with her commentary.

“They tore my ass up this week about talking about I said that her p*ssy is trash,” said LisaRaye. “And I was like, ‘Where did I say that at?’ You know what I mean? I don’t know that because I’m not gay nor am I bisexual. But, that disturbed me because Halle is beautiful. I don’t have a problem with Halle. I love Halle. Halle is breaking barriers for all of us, you know what I mean. So, that is absolutely a no-no.”

“However, I absolutely heard that,” LisaRaye continued. “I remember when Monster’s Ball was her love scene and they was trying say that that’s how she is in bed. And it was like, no, it was movie guys, what are you talking about? Then they came out with the whole Wesley Snipes thing and who was that that hit her in the ear and she didn’t have good relationships and I was like, ‘Child, we all done been with somebody that we ain’t with now so, sh*t.'”

Check out the actress clearing the air in the clip below.