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Lloyd Banks Believes DMX Maybe Holding Grudge


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DMX has been going on a tangent concerning battling rappers for the Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s “Versuz” concept. He has been adamant in saying his real rival for hip hop supremacy is Jay Z, but Jigga has yet to respond. Dark Man X also was asked about whether or not Eminem was a good substitute for a showdown.

The rapper from Yonkers stated, “What about Em? Em don’t want it,” laughs X. “Em don’t want it. I’d rather go for, you know, my arch-nemesis [Jay-Z]. He don’t gotta come outside, n***a, it’s in the house! You saying he don’t want to face me and play some records?” Swizz can be heard remarking that it’s a celebration, furthering X’s logic. “We celebrating music, and he got some hits too. He can play ‘Money Cash Hoes,’ I can play ‘Money Cash Hoes.’ Make it happen.”

In an interview with Fatman Scoop, a list of rappers were mentioned as some of rap’s lyrical greats, a list that included Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Eminem, and Lloyd Banks, X paused to single out the G-Unit rapper. “Lloyd Banks?” he questioned. “Lyrically? Top 4 bars. Impress me with four bars! Give me two!”

It didn’t take long for Banks to catch wind of X’s comments, and while he was initially quick to shrug it off, he later decided to revisit the slight with his own theory. “So because I didn’t come to the studio to work when HE reached out..I’m not that good?” ponders Banks, his tears of joy indicative of his tone. After one fan turned the tables and asked what prompted him to snub a legend, Banks simply shifted the blame to logistics. I didn’t…I had a flight to catch.”