Logan Paul Training For WrestleMania Impresses The Miz



Logan Paul and The Miz are ready for WrestleMania 38.

Logan Paul and The Miz will be teaming up at WrestleMania 38 as they look to take on the father-son duo of Rey and Dominik Mysterio. It is gearing up to be a truly incredible matchup, although wrestling purists are a tad skeptical of the fact that someone like Logan will be participating. After all, he is a social media guy who has aroused some suspicion with his foray into boxing.

While some believe Logan won’t fair well in the world of wrestling, The Miz begs to differ. While speaking to TMZ recently, the wrestler came out and said that Paul is actually a natural at the sport, and that he should do well come WrestleMania, which goes down next month.

“Training’s going really well, actually,” The Miz explained, noting that Logan is already a pro at getting all of his signature moves down. “Logan — I showed it to him like, once. Literally picked it up like that. I was like, ‘Oh, okay. This is gonna be fun. […] If he does well at WrestleMania, this could lead to something more.”

Logan was a wrestler in high school, and while it is a much different discipline than the WWE, it is clear that Paul has the fundamentals down. Will he have one of the better celebrity matches in the event’s history? Time will tell in a few weeks.

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