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Lola Brooke Wants To Play Lil’ Kim In Her Biopic


The legendary female rapper, Lil Kim, has inspired generations of women to be hip hop artists including the rising star Lola Brooke.

Earlier this year, Lil Kim broke news with The New York Post, by confirming that there will indeed be a new biopic about her iconic career. She promised that it’s “absolutely” on the way.

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While there is no news yet on who will play Kim, (“I don’t know… We’ll have to see”, she responded to the publication’s question) she did confirm that the structure of the biopic would closely mirror her memoir.

The rapper penned the memoir with journalist and author Kathy Iandoli (God Save the Queens: The Essential History of Women in Hip-Hop). The book is scheduled for publication on November 2 via Hachette Books.

“I’m excited to finally get to tell my story after all this time,” Lil’ Kim stated in 2021 to PEOPLE. “Many people have thought they knew the story of Lil’ Kim, but they have no idea.”

The book has been described to reveal the “hidden moments of her reign”, which include “her complicated high-profile relationships, the misogynistic industry she fought to change through sex positivity, the challenging double standards of self-image and beauty in the spotlight, and the momentous act of loyalty that ultimately landed her in prison.” Between 2005 and 2006, Lil’ Kim served a one-year prison sentence for a perjury charge related to a shooting incident in 2001.

“Oh my God,” said Kim of her forthcoming tell-all, according to The Post. “Everyone’s gonna know things that they’ve never known.”

As for who will portray Kim in the biopic, the famed rapper says she’s not ready to reveal that information just yet–if it’s even decided.

“I don’t know,” Kim said with a laugh when asked about which leading lady she deemed worthy to dramatize her life.


Lola Brooke has been rising in the hip hop world and the artist is known for her lyrical flows and hard hitting voice. She revealed that she would love to portray Lil Kim in her official biopic.

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