Mac Bre-Z Recalls Gucci Mane Punching Her In Face

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There have been rap couples in the past that caught the eye of the public. In the 1990’s, Treach married Pepa of Salt ‘N Pepa, but rumors swirled that the two were embroiled in violent situations.

A few years later, alleged lovers in Gucci Mane and Mac Bre-Z had their disruptive relationship come to blows in public. They had collaborated together doing music, but a violent altercation seemed to put an end to that bond.

It was 2005 when Gucci Mane was performing his “Trap House” single that can still be seen on video where Mac Bre-Z was referred to Mac Breezy. She did something that didn’t sit well with Gucci Mane and he told her to move. She did not take the advice and he ended up pushing her to move and caused her to come off the stage. The camera person caught the situation when she yelled at Gucci Mane for the action. We would then soon see Gucci Mane strike at Bre-Z with a punch to the face.

Mac Bre has now acknowledged the situation in a recent interview. “First of all, a lot of people made light of the situation,” said Mac Bre-Z. “I would never understand that, ’cause if somebody punch your mama, your sister, your cousin, you wouldn’t have this same energy.” She went on to say that when the video first surfaced years ago, she wasn’t bothered by it.”

Mac Bre-Z stated that at the time, she was not on good terms with Gucci Mane due to a disagreement on a previous tour. He didn’t want her at the birthday party that took place at the restaurant for a mutual friend. She believes the real reason was that Gucci Mane had another woman attending the event.

“That video happened in 2005, this when he had just not too long ago came home,” she continued.

Watch the interview below to see Mac Bre-z discuss her side of the story.