One of the men accused of selling Mac Miller laced pills is facing 20 years behind bars after he pleaded guilty to a fentanyl charge. According to TMZ, Stephen Walter copped a plea deal with the federal authorities to one count of fentanyl distribution in exchange to drop one count of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

Authorities claim Walter had sold Mac Miller the bad pills through Camera James Pettit, the man who delivered the drugs to the late rapper. Walter’s alleged to have sold Percocet tablets that led to Mac Miller’s overdose. Pettit is said to have called on Walter who sent a runner to deliver pills to Miller’s home.

Walter’s staring down at some serious prison time. Pleading guilty to the fentanyl charge could lead to a maximum 20-year sentence, plus supervised release for the rest of his life, and a $1M fine. Prosecutors, however, are suggesting that Walter’s sentenced to 17 years behind bars, along with five years of supervised release.

The prosecutors on the case have taken Walter’s guilty plea as an admission of guilt that he was previously aware that he had been selling fake oxycodone pills.

Earlier this month, Mac Miller’s fan-favorite mixtape, Faces, finally hit streaming services. That same day, a posthumous verse was included on Young Thug’s latest album, PUNK.