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Machine Gun Kelly Attacks Eminem On “Floor 13”

machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem had one of the more high profile rap beefs in this last year. MGK declared himself the “Rap Devil” in comparison to Eminem calling himself the “Rap god”. Insults were thrown on song’s such as “Killshot” from the rap veteran to MGK.

The two have also thrown shots at each other during their concert performances. MGK is not finished throwing subliminal lines towards Slim Shady.

Machine Gun Kelly Dismisses Eminem’s “Killshot” On “Floor 13”.
“I just spent too many minutes watchin’ little videos of wannabe rappers dissing me/ I just spent the winter livin’ after someone tried to send a kill shot, missin’ me.”

MGK makes another reference to Em during the track in terms of Marvel’s “Venom” movie, stating, “One legend tried to fuck with me and then got the venom,”.