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Machine Gun Kelly Wants A Battle Collab With Em!

rap god rap devil

Machine Gun Kelly once again was on the topic of Eminem during a recent sit-down interview with Everyday Struggle. DJ Akademiks asked MGK if there will ever be a day when he will reconcile with his idol Eminem.

Slim Shady’s “Killshot” made hip hop history on youtube in 2018. Machine Gun Kelly gave an interesting response. “Put us on a track,” he replied. “See who comes harder.”

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would MGK wash Eminem on a track? 🤔

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The interview also revealed that the “Rap Devil” was created under the influence of alcohol.

“I just did that on the spot, hours after that shit released,” he said. “Like, fuck this muthafucka! Load the protools up. We loaded a picture of him and just rode the muthafucka

He added, “I was with Odell the night before, celebrating the $100 million contract thing. I was still just drunk, like, ‘This muthafucka.’”

The Hotel Diablo tour was discussed along with the serious topic of substance abuse.

Watch the full interview below.