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Madonna’s Appeal To Block Sale Of Tupac Letter Fails

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TMZ reports that the iconic singer Madonna tried to stop the sale of an old letter written by Tupac. The letter was given to her by the late rapper when he was imprisoned in New York.

A New York State Appeals Court turned down the appeal as Madonna could not pursue claims against Darlene Lutz, who is a former friend that was her art consultant. Lutz is behind the deal with the auction house where she cosigned the items for sale. The court ruling will permit the sale of Madonna’s intimate and personal items which include the sacred break-up letter from Tupac Shakur. 

Madonna was not the only celebrity female that Shakur wrote, while under the government prison system. He penned letters to Jada Pinkett as well, creating a frenzy online last year when photos of Pinkett-Smith were revealed.

These letters came at the height of the Tupac vs New York beef. Ironically (June 4th), as the day Madonna lost her appeal, it was also the day Tupac dropped the diss track “Hit Em Up” in hip hop history. It is regarded by many as the greatest diss track of all time.

Eminem explained why he believed “Hit ‘Em Up” was the GOAT beef track by stating:

“That, I feel like, was the first time I ever heard anybody get that personal on a diss. Most of it was personal, below-the-belt jabs, but it was done so well and the record was just so crazy.


Slim Shady explained the conflict it created for hardcore fans at the time that loved both hip hop artists.

The 2pac-Biggie thing was tough because you liked them both. You were stuck in this weird thing where you were bumpin’ a 2Pac diss record, then you were bumpin’ something from Biggie that might be dissing [2Pac] in it.


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