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Maestro Fresh Wes Inspires Kids & Stick To Your Vision Performance

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Hip Hop Icon Maestro Fresh Wes Takes Scarborough Back To School!

Canadian hip hop legend Maestro Fresh Wes officially launched his children’s book in Scarborough on Thursday, with an event aimed at encouraging students, teachers and parents to make the most of the upcoming school year.

Williams first debuted in 1989 with the album ‘Symphony in Effect’, and notable single “Let Your Backbone Slide,” which became Canada’s first platinum-selling hip hop album and the first single from a Canadian hip hop artist to go gold, respectively. A Canadian Beats Media review of Williams’ music described how “iconic” Maestro Fresh Wes was in the late ’80s, with Let Your Backbone Slide “intermingled and played at middle year and high school dances between Young MC, Rob Base and Salt-N-Pepa.” Even before that he’d worked on hip hop since he was 11, and after attending university for a year he decided to leave for the “calling” of music, a decision he said paid off.

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His most recent musical work is his 2017 album ‘Coach Fresh’, which Canadian Beats Media described as “solid” with “slick raw tunes” and “clever samples.” The event, billed ‘Scarborough goes back to school,’ was held at Scarborough Town Centre, where Wes has a star on the mall’s Walk of Fame. He says he wrote the book partly because he had some very inspirational school teachers and he wanted to showcase the pivotal role they play in a young child’s life.

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Williams attributes part of his consistent quality to his “multidimensional” career. In addition to being an author, he’s done acting, including getting a nomination for a Gemini Award for his supporting dramatic actor role in TV series ‘The Line’. This variety gives him breaks from the music, while offering transferable skills, like how he used the power of repetition in both his MC and writing work. As for what he would say to kids and those that look up to him? “Be the greatest version of yourself.”

Visit the official website: YOUNG MAESTRO

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