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Maestro Fresh Wes – Somewhere Down The Line ft. Adam Bomb

Toronto’s OG rapper and who many claim is the original King Of Dot aka The 6ix has released new music for his fans. He teams up with lyricist Adam Bomb to drop the visuals for “Somewhere Down The Line”.  Maestro drops some words of wisdom on his Instagram before the new release that deals with the aging process of life.

Do you suffer from O.H.D.S. ? ( OLD HEAD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME ) ? Symptoms: Complacency, Visions of Al Bundy reminiscing bout scoring his damn Touchdown for Polk High ? Or constantly being compelled to talk about how dope hiphop used to be back in the days bringing up charts and long winded folklore of the Bruce Springsteen Glory Days ?? PLEASE MISS ME WITH DAT . Thanks 🙏🏾 It’s important to embrace and preserve what we did but it’s more exciting and fulfilling to evolve. This is 2019 . I came out in 1983 on ckln, made one , two trailblazing records in 1989 , 90 etc …. SO WHAT !!! I’m excited about dropping some brand new music this week. Constantly bringing up the olden days makes u a prisoner to yourself and could be a liability to your personal development Please do not let OHDS consume you. Keep it moving. “ CONSTANT ELEVATION CAUSES EXPANSION” ….Rakim Allah

Maestro Fresh Wes Instagram

Maestro Fresh Wes

Ironically enough the article asking Who Is The King / god of Toronto hip hop was hotly debated by Turono Talks recently. In this collaboration with Adam Bomb the Toronto legend raps about somewhere down the line they will say someone is better. He states on the single “Yall be playing on the path that Wes made” which is a true statement when it comes to the Canadian rap scene.

Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb is a Canadian hip hop artist that is known for bringing wordplay to his music and he once again delivers. Ironically, just as Maestro Fresh Wes did Bomb recites a line about kings and queens with “show us who the kings and queens and we be burning thrones”.  You can check out the song and music video below.