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Maestro Fresh Wes Takes You Into The Kitchen With TV Series “MAESTRO CHEF WES”

“MAESTRO CHEF WES" Is In The Kitchen Bring Your APPETITE…

maestro chef wes

Saint John, N.B. – Canadian hip-hop artist, actor and Author Wes Williams is taking you on a road trip and into the kitchen.  The artist known as The Godfather of Canadian Hip-Hop is adding “chef” to his long list of talents. The upbeat cooking show Maestro Chef Wes premieres on January 26, 2022, on Bell Fibe TV1.  The six-episode series promises to show Williams’s cooking skills, conversations, and mouthwatering recipes from celebrity guests, wrapped in the boundless energy that makes him the performer he is. From performing on stage to inside the kitchen, Williams keeps it moving and exciting.  Maestro Chef Wes created, written, and produced by Williams and Lauchlan Ough, with Chet Wesley as Executive Producer. 

Maestro Chef Wes follows the Canadian hip-hop legend as he travels the Maritimes with his new moniker as “Chef”. Sourcing local ingredients, culture and hanging with celebrity chefs and musicians, he turns each episode into a classic East Coast kitchen party.  Williams puts his unique take on everyone’s favorites.  Chef Wes doesn’t make burgers, he makes Backbone Sliders!  In each episode, Williams and his celebrity guests come together to fish, farm, talk about life and chop it up in the kitchen before their company arrives.  Then, everyone gathers together to eat the delicious food followed by a live performance by the Godfather of Canadian Hip Hop himself and fellow artists.    

maestro fresh wes

“I’m very proud of this project and working with Lauchlan Ough and Chet Wesley makes it easy.  They get it.  There’s something about meeting different people, learning about each other and cooking together that bonds people.  Having conversations around the table is what family does.  We wanted that feel.” 

                                    Maestro Fresh Wes 

In Season One of Maestro Chef Wes Williams takes in the flavor of the Maritimes. 

Episode 01– Fresh For Myles 

Chef Wes travels to Fredericton, NB, to make a culinary collaboration with singer David Myles. The two music makers cook up a storm in this special vegetarian throwdown that ends with an acoustic version of one of Maestro’s classic bangers. 


Episode 02 – Surf N’ Slide” 

Maestro may know Hip-hop but rockin’ hip-waiters while picking oysters in PEI is a different tune. He connects with Chef Charlotte Langley, who laces us with lobster rolls while Maestro hits us up with his BACKBONE SLIDERS. 


Episode 03 – Soul Food” 

Chef Wes goes to North Preston, NS, to visit some old friends. Chef Karen Provo and family invited Maestro to R&B Kitchen to prepare Jerk Chicken, Oxtail and Corn Bread. In this special episode, singers Kaleb Simmonds and Cyndi Cain circle Maestro for a magical music moment. Learn about Black Canadian history and the love of SOUL FOOD. 


Episode 04 – Stick To Your Fishin’” 

Maestro joins Celebrity Chef Jesse Vergen.  The two men go fishing in Quispamsis, NB, for yellow perch. Later, they go to Kingston Peninsula to cook up a feast, sip some Yip Cider, and share stories with the Mackay family and friends. The Guyanese-inspired fish tacos are dope, only made better with some freestyle by Maestro 


Episode 05 – Cookin’ With Class” 

Maestro visits Dartmouth, NS, to sit and talk with Hip-hop veteran Classified.  The two talk about their classic track Hard To Be Hip-hop and make some new music. Feisty Chef Renée Lavellée joins the two legends to show them how to make a Canadian Lobster Asian-inspired Noodle Salad for a backyard blowout. In memory of Pat Stay. 


Episode 06 Scorchin’ In Bay Fortune” 

Maestro returns to PEI to cook with Celebrity Chef Michael Smith on his culinary farm at the famous Inn at Bay Fortune. In the grand finale episode, Chef Wes tackles a freshly line-caught bluefin tuna turning it into wood-fired skewers blazed with a maple miso glaze. Michael Smith gives Maestro the thumbs-up and graduates him in his kitchen. 




Watch all six episodes beginning, January 26, 2023, on Bell Fibe TV1.