Los Angeles Lakers have seen some of the biggest names in NBA history passing through their organization and LeBron is one of the biggest. However, there are some people having a hot take of LA should trade the multiple time NBA champion.  This is a suggestion that was brought up by none other than Stephen A. Smith just a couple of days ago. Simply put, Smith believes the Lakers need to think about their future and that trading LeBron would actually be a great way to do so.

Most people believe this idea is just too absurd for words and the Lakers should just keep LeBron for the future. After all, he is a massive asset and it wouldn’t make sense for the Lakers to send him packing. As you can imagine, this aforementioned sentiment is one shared by Magic Johnson.


Magic still has a passion for topics surrounding the franchise he took to multiple titles. He also knows the company from a business side of things as well.  The former Lakers superstar was speaking to TMZ Sports, where he was asked about a potential trade. That is when he said that LeBron needs to stay with the Lakers and that he wants to see the man in a purple and gold jersey for years to come.