Magic Johnson on Jordan & Kobe Comparisons & Isiah Thomas Debacle


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The documentary series, “The Last Dance” has brought about old rivalries and wounds. As we get a behind the scenes look at the long and storied career of Michael Jordan, we also see issues that were prevalent at the time in the NBA.

Isiah Thomas is an all time great player, but he was noticeably a missing component for the first ever “American Dream Team” that played in the Olympics.

Magic Johnson was rumored as being one player who caused the former Detroit Pistons “Bad Boy” from not being on the once in a lifetime tea. He discusses in the video below with Stephen A Smith on First Take about it.

Magic Johnson also speaks with ESPN First Take about the special bond that Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan shared on and off the court and says Kobe is the closest player that we can compare to MJ.