Man Cops Chased To Rick Ross’ Mansion Dies In Jail

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It was recently reported that police chased a man to Rick Ross’s estate and now reports coming in that he has died in jail.

Chaka Stewart ended up crashing his car into a tree on the property of popular hip hop artist Rick Ross and tossed a handgun.

Police finally caught up with Stewart, arrested him at gunpoint, and hauled him off to the Clayton County Jail. The man has now been reported dead from his imprisonment.

So far, a cause of death has not been revealed, but Stewart’s relatives talked to TMZ and claimed he was being mistreated inside of the jail.

His mother Jacqueline Gordon said she was in contact with her son after his arrest, and he shared some disturbing details about his treatment inside of the county lockup.

Stewart told his mom he was being beaten behind bars – although it is not clear if he was referring to prisoners or guards.

Gordon said her son also complained that he was being confined to his jail cell 23 hours a day and being deprived of basic necessities like taking a shower.

Furthermore, Gordon said some of the prison guards were verbally abusive to her son.

Gordon is waiting for an explanation from the Clayton County Jail, as well as the autopsy results on her deceased son.