As authorities continue to uncover more information about the mass shooting that took place on the fourth of July in Highland Park, leaving seven dead and dozens injured, another tragic American incident has caught the internet’s attention.

This time last week in New York City, a man was stabbed to death in a bodega after attacking an employee. As CBS reports, 37-year-old Austin Simon entered the shop last Friday, not long after a woman had come in and attempted to buy some chips, but was ultimately sent away.

Reports claim (and videos show) that Simon was agitated, taking his aggression out on the employee (later identified as 51-year-old Jose Alba), yelling at him and even shoving him to the ground.

Though it looked as though the younger man would win at first, after a struggle, Alba eventually stabbed and killed his assailant – a move which landed him second-degree murder and possession of a deadly weapon charges ahead of his arrival at Rikers Island, where he’s being held on $250,000 bond.


Despite the charges, though, many who have seen the viral footage are arguing that the bodega worker was just acting in self-defence, including New York Mayor, Eric Adams, who said, “It’s obvious this gentleman was here working, providing for his family and someone came behind the counter and what I viewed was inappropriate.”

Others have echoed similar sentiments, with many pointing out that the late 37-year-old was wearing an Amiri brand shirt at the time of the incident. While some clowned him for it allegedly being fake, others pointed out that his attack on Alba would be even more ridiculous if it happened while he was wearing a $300 shirt over a $1 bag of chips.

Though some have sent their condolences to Austin Simon, it seems that much of the internet is on Jose Alba’s side right now. Check out Twitter’s reactions below.