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Mandatory Vaccine Passport To Party In Fall Says Boris Johnson

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Those who love to party will need to be doubled vaccinated to enter nightclubs from the end of September, Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared.

The pandemic of coronavirus has changed the way of life for many people around the world and U.K. prime minister has announced mandatory vaccine passports for partying. Prime Minister Johnson wants to see an increase in the youth aged 18-30 taking the shots reports BBC News.

The PM made the announcement at a Downing St press conference amid fears not enough youngsters are getting the shot.

Ministers are desperate to get as many jabs into arms as possible before self-isolation rules are eased on August 16.

Boris said: “We’re concerned, as they are in other countries, by the continuing risk posed by nightclubs.

“I should serve notice now that by the end of September, when all over 18s will have had their chance to be double jabbed, we’re planning to make full vaccination the condition of entry to nightclubs and other venues where large crowds gather.

“Proof of a negative test will no longer be enough.”

The PM expressed concern that more than a third of 18-30 year olds – some three million people – still haven’t taken up the jab yet.

Chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance added: “Right the way across the world we’ve seen nightclubs and venues where you’ve got lots of people indoors crowded together are a focus for potential super spreading events.

“There’s no question that is an environment in which spreading is easier, you’ve got lots of people quite close together, you’ve got the environment in which spreading becomes easier.

“I would expect that with opening of nightclubs we’ll continue to see an increase in cases and we will see outbreaks related to specific nightclubs as well.

“And that’s again why it’s so important that everybody comes and gets a vaccine so we can reduce the chance of spread and we can reduce the chance of consequences of that spread.”