Marlins Home Opener Cancelled Due To Covid-19 Infections

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Major League Baseball took the leap into starting the 2020 season a week ago and there weren’t any hiccups until now. Unlike the NBA with the plan of a bubble city to keep players in a safe quarantine type situation, in baseball teams will have to play in their own cities.

According to Jeff Passan of ESPN, the MLB season is already at risk, as the Miami Marlins have suffered a huge Coronavirus outbreak with its players and staff. As Passan reports, eight players have tested positive while two coaches also have the virus. In fact, the team’s home opener has now been canceled, as it simply isn’t safe for either team to take to the diamond.

MLB will have to decide on how this situation will impact the rest of the season and whether or not the league will have to implement changes to prevent another team facing a similar outbreak.

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