Marlon Wayans Advice For 6ix9ine, 2pac & Biggie, & Blackface Issue

Above The Rim

Marlon Wayans stepped into Big Boy NeighborHood studio and spoke on various topics. The comic spoke about the complicated issue of blackface and why it is different from when he partook in the movie White Chicks. 

It’s not like he could hide. It’s not like he could assume a new identity with all his tattoos. 

Marlon Wayans

If you aint hood don’t try to be hood.

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans also spoke about Tupac Shakur. He states they both had a passion for the arts. He met Tupac at Juice movie set due to his friendship with Omar Epps. You can watch more on what warning his mother gave him about hanging with someone like Tupac.

He also said he saw 2Pac the night he died and he had a vibe something would happen to the rap icon. Wayans also saw Biggie Smalls 20 minutes before he was murdered.