Mars rover spots shiny human garbage on the red planet

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It appears a human has never stepped foot on the planet Mars, but the latest developments with the red planet has human garbage.

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover spotted an unexpected piece of trash on the red planet, a shiny object wedged between two pieces of rock, according to a report from the space agency Wednesday.

Through social media, people online were able to see the Perseverance team’s findings as they shared what they’d spotted. They believed it to be a piece of thermal blanket that was used to protect the rover from extreme temperatures during its landing.


“It’s a surprise finding this here: My descent stage crashed about 2 km away. Did this piece land here after that, or was it blown here by the wind?” read a follow-up post.

Andrew Good, a spokesman for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, told The Associated Press that the image being circulated is a “very, very, very zoomed-in shot” of a naturally formed rock crevice.

In fact, Good said NASA scientists overseeing the rover estimate the opening is only about 30 centimetres tall and 40 centimetres wide, or roughly the size of a medium dog door.


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