Viewers went down memory lane with The Martin reunion that aired earlier this month. The show’s cast of Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, Thomas Mikal Ford, and Carl Anthony Payne. Their portrayal of the funny characters from the series gave fans laughs for decades.The behind-the-scenes drama between Lawrence and Campbell was said to have aided heavily in the conclusion of the series, but 30 years later, the cast—sans Ford who passed away in 2016—came together for an unforgettable reunion. The re-gathering has sparked conversations of a potential reboot, but during his appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Lawrence didn’t seem to encourage the possibility.

Fallon spent the interview revisiting Martin‘s greatest moments and eclectic characters, and Questlove even joined in on the fun by answering a few trivia questions about the show. When Fallon asked about a reboot, Lawrence seemed hesitant.

“I think, well, you know, the Martin show was like catching lightning in a bottle and I don’t think we can redo that again,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind working with the cast again on something but I don’t think we can do that again.” Fallon suggested this would be “like the Martin Cinematic Universe,” to which Lawrence said he “would love to see a movie with Sheneneh.”

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“We were supposed to do a movie with Sheneneh and Jamie Foxx with [his In Living Color character] Wanda, but that never came about,” Lawrence added. “If we could ever get that together, I think y’all would love this.”

Watch both clips of Martin Lawrence’s interview below and let us know if you would want to see a Sheneneh-centered movie.