Marvin Gaye & Gregory Hines STAMPED Forever in 2019

marvin gaye stamp

The late great Marvin Gaye and Gregory Hines are being honored in 2019 with a stamp of approval from the government of the United States. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has honored figures in history once again with the announcement of forever stamps of the late Marvin Gaye and Gregory Hines.

The miniature works of art illustrated in the 2019 stamp program offer something for everyone’s interest about American history and culture,”

U.S. Postal Service Stamp Services Executive Director
Mary-Anne Penner

Mary-Anne Penner of US Postal continued to explain:

From legendary poet Walt Whitman to the entertainment genius of Gregory Hines to the majestic beauty of our Wild and Scenic Rivers, this program is diverse and wide-ranging and tells America’s story on stamps

Gregory Hines was an award-winning dancer, actor and choreographer, known for his work at the Apollo Theater and the films TapWaiting to Exhale and White Knights.

Many people had proclaimed Gregory Hines to be the heir apparent to Sammy Davis Jr. in terms of tap dancing at a mainstream level as you see the two legends above at the 60th Birthday celebration of the iconic Davis. 

The name Marvin Gaye still rings today as iconic as he helped to shape the musical landscape of the 60’s to 80’swith his outstanding talented singing ability and songwriting skills. He was apart of the legendary Motown Sound that took over America on the heels of the civil rights movement and gave the world some of the most thought provoking songs ever. 

What’s Going On was the question asked by Gaye when America went to war in Vietnam as the situation was close to him as his brother went as a soldier representing America across seas. During the time Motown Records originally did not think the song would resonate with audiences because it was too lengthy, but Gaye showed the suits wrong when it became a battle cry for those opposing the Nixon administration and war.