Mary J. Blige States Being “Embarrassed” By Diana Ross & Lil Kim Incident

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Mary J. Blige was a blazing torch during the 1990’s to the point of being anointed the “Queen Of Hip Hop Soul” by Diddy. She would go on to win many accolades and become an icon for women in the music industry similar to the way the legendary Diana Ross blazed the path for her.

In 1999 at the annual MTV VMAs, an iconic moment went down in history as hip hop met Motown magic. It was then that Mary J. Blige and her friend Lil Kim were sharing the award stage together when introducing the “Queen Of Motown” in Diana Ross. An unexpected incident, Kim was dressed in her show-stopping purple outfit that exposed one of her breasts aside from a strategic cover-up. No one expected that Ms. Ross would appear on stage and decide to hug the hip hop era icons, but she touched the New York rapper’s breast before speaking to the audience.


Mary J. Blige sat down to speak with Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live and was asked to share her thoughts about other R&B divas that she’s worked with or knows personally. She spoke about Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Aretha Franklin, and then, Lil Kim. “My baby girl, my little sister,” Mary said of the latter. “I mean, one of the most incredible female rappers to open the door for so many women. She’s a trailblazer and one of the biggest rappers [and] most respected rappers in the business.”

“I was embarrassed for Kim and I was pissed when that happened because that’s my little sister and my friend,” said Blige. “Kim is courageous. She’s gon’ do what Kim does so I think we all should respect it like we should respect Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj and Cardi [B]. Respect Lil Kim. This is what they do. Respect them.” Watch the clip below.