Mary J. Blige Talks About Giving Rihanna “Umbrella”

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“Umbrella” hit the public in 2007, but it is still arguably the biggest hit in Rihanna’s career. It solidified Rihanna as more than a passing fad in the music business with her third studio album Good Girl Gone Bad.

The song she is known for was not originally crafted for her. Britney Spears was the intended artist for the single according to the producer, The-Dream, who helped pen “Umbrella” (along with Jay-Z, Tricky Stewart, and Kuk Harrell). Now it has come to light that the “Queen of R & B Soul”, Mary J. Blige, passed on doing the song.

The revelation came on “Watch What Happens Live” when a fan asked why she decided not to take on “Umbrella.” She replied, “It was during Grammy time for me, it was a big Grammy time. I was nominated for eight Grammys and I was trying to get myself together for that. And during that time, that’s when ‘Umbrella’ came to me and I couldn’t do anything with it because I was so busy with my own life and I was like, you know what? It doesn’t even sound like me anyway,” she said.

Did Blige regret her decision? “No, because everything about that song was so tailor-made for Rihanna and nothing about that song was Mary J. Blige.” Can you imagine “Umbrella” as a Mary J. track?

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