Mary J. Blige Talks About Power Book II: Ghost & New Music

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Mary J. Blige talks about various topics on Tamron Hall show that includes her latest accolades and her role on season two of Power Book II: Ghost.

Through decades of being in the industry, Mary J. Blige provides insight into what it is like to be her on and off the screen and stage. She starts off the conversation speaking about the perils of her divorce, but having a positive attitude in the aftermath since during the same time period she received her Oscar nomination.

Mary J. Blige stated her life journey was a blessing and thought she was going to be dead in 1994. She said it was her millions of fans supporting her that kept her to stay alive. She didn’t want to give up on herself because she didn’t want people to give up. At the time her art was her life and she outlived that depressing time in her life. She admitted she sang to release herself from her surroundings and used music as a vehicle to save her life. Mary J. Blige continues to pump out quality and uplifting music as shown in the music video below for Good Morning Gorgeous.

She recently got inducted into the Apollo Hall Of Fame despite never headlining the prestigious building and enjoyed her 50th birthday. Tamron Hall tried to get Mary J. Blige to hint at what fans can expect from her next album. She simply said, ‘It will blow your mind.” The singer explained her workout routine and why she posted a picture of herself in a bikini on her special day.

Mary J. Blige talked about her character on Power Book II: Ghost, explaining why she understands it being from a troubled neighborhood herself. She said that is where she got her style and fashion from. since she was surrounded by those kind of women. The queen pens had all the flashy cars who had to hustle and take care of their children which is where she draws the inspiration for the character.

Check out the interview below.