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Mase, Cam’ron, & Jadakiss Shut Down Apollo

Hip Hop News with Wanda Davidson

A historic event happened for hip hop at the Apollo when Mase and Cam’ron finally made an appearance together on stage.

Mase, Cam’ron and Jadakiss performed for hip hop enthusiasts for an epic night. All three men represented for the culture for their iconic movements with Bad Boy, Diplomats, and Ruff Ryders.

As seen in the video above, Jadakiss is heard announcing the “first time ever” as Cam reminds fans how long he hasn’t performed the song due to tension he had with Mase.

“Imma keep it a hundred: I ain’t do this song in so long,” he said. “So Imma just act like y’all know it and do a little bit of this [dance].” To which Ma$e added, “Yo, we never got to perform this song. We never got to perform this.”

Jadakiss in the role of hypeman did exactly that by riling up the audience to get ready for the first time performance. “Listen Harlem: when SNS drop this shit, act like wherever you was at when you first heard this shit when it came out,” he said. “Don’t go over the balcony but fucking go crazy. This has never been seen before. This shit right here is a NFT. Whatever a NFT is, when y’all do this song, it’s a NFT!”

The event was a trip down memory lane as Lox and Mase were on Bad Boy. Cam and Mase were in Children of the Corn with the late, great Big L. And there is more, but you get the picture. They all hit the streets and the charts.