Mase Reveals Reason For Diss Track About Diddy

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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90’s hip hop icons who made classic songs together are at odds in 2022. Mase now says he and Diddy weren’t close. “I never said he was my brother,” he said.

The hip hop world got rocked this week when Mase dropped a diss track against Diddy out of the blue. Mase has now explained why he went this route.The for Harlem World rap star became a pastor after reaching the top of hip hop with billboard charting music. For some reason Mase unleashed his issues with Diddy in a studio. Mase has complained about Diddy not allowing him to purchase his masters.

On “Oracle 2: The Liberation of Mason Betha,” Mase unleashed on Diddy, without mentioning the label head by name, and later, the preacher appeared on Clubhouse where he spoke about his latest single.

“I think I’ve handled it the way it should’ve been handled,” said Mase. “From the bible I read, from my understanding, when you have a problem you go to them one-on-one.” Although Mase and Diddy took to the stage, studio, and charts together, the former disputed those who claim they were close.

“I never said he was my brother,” he added. “We had similar goals. Did we have great music? Yes.” Mase didn’t elaborate as to what launched the division, but he mentioned there was a point when he realized things were turning sour. “I’m not gonna downplay a whole legacy, but I am gonna say that the moment you recognize you’re not going in the same direction, you do have a right to say, ‘Let’s fix this over here.’”

Listen to the Clubhouse conversation below.