A woman went viral after getting out frustrations over an alleged altercation with Drake . The internet took no time in creating commentary and memes about the situation. A woman shared a story about allegedly having a sexual encounter with the rapper and stated that after all was said and done, she retrieved the condom from the trash can and later had a painful revelation that Drake put hot sauce in it.

The tale went viral and became a brief moment that captivated the world and soon, memes began pouring in by the hundreds. Several continue to circulate online at Drake’s expense, but he seeming addressed the controversy by posting on his Instagram page.

He made it clear that he isn’t concerned with people worried about 15 minutes of fame when he occupies the other 23 hours and 45 minutes. The story gained the attention of the Maury Show which often pops in with its quips about pop culture, and they did so once more as they trolled the OVO Sound icon.

The Maury Show shared a meme that shows Drake turning his back on a photo of Maury Povich but accepting a bottle of hot sauce. The caption read, “That’s one way to make sure you don’t end up on the show #hotsauce #maury.” Brands and shows with social media pages often push the limits to troll the public or celebrities, and this won’t be the last from Maury.