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MC Shan Says VladTV Uses Hip Hop’s Misfortune For Financial Gain

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MC Shan on VladTV

(WWETV Network) Thursday is always welcomed with #TBT pics on Instagram and videos on youtube. Breaking Wrecords Radio recently got a throwback before throwback was cool. Maloney interviews one of the pioneers of hip hop in MC Shan.

MC Shan has seen the massive growth of hip hop into a billion dollar business and where rappers are now becoming billionaires themselves such as Jay Z.

He is not a fan of hip hop’s portrayal in the media being negative. One outlet in particular he has an issue with is Vladtv because of a headline that was used for click bait in MC Shan’s viewpoint from a rant he did earlier this year.

The legend also explains why “It’s imperative you leave the hood”. This comment was in reference to the passing of West Coast Rapper Nipsey Hussle. He says it’s not worth it to put your life on the line and it’s better to half one foot in the hood and one foot out of it. He also explains how he gave back to the hood back in the day.

MC Shan reveals why he dropped out of the Juice Crew reunion and states he will no longer be pimped by the person that bought the name of the brand. He gets into details below with Maloney.

Juice Crew

MC Shan also speaks about discovering Toronto icon, Snow, who had the huge hit “Informer” in the 1990’s. MC Shan was the producer of the single that had Snow reach mainstream status. He speaks about Jim Carrey’s skit about his fellow Canadian entertainer, Snow, on the 1990’s legendary show, In Living Color.

Shan on Discovering Snow

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