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MC Shan Says’Roxanne Roxanne’ Movie Was Fake As &*^%

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Juice Crew

(WWETV Network) Breaking Wrecords Radio continues their interview this week with hip hop pioneer MC Shan. The topic of another hip hop pioneer was discussed in Roxanne Shante. In particular, the popular Netflix biopic entitled “Roxanne Roxanne” that covered the life and times of the hip hop icon.

MC Shan believes the movie was a good story, but that certain details of the film were fake and not totally true. The movie in his observation would be completely different if certain individuals were contacted to consult on film to provide a more accurate account of the history.

He says it was obviously about the story of Roxanne Shante, but she only presented a story that she wanted viewers to know which led to leaving out facts. He had issues with it because his likeness was in the movie. MC Shan was making reference that he signed off on the film, but the moral of the story is you can’t trust friends in the music business. It seems that something went awry with MC Shan and Roxanne Shante over his portrayal in “Roxanne Roxanne” that he is now being vocal about in this Breaking Wrecords Interview.

MC Shan made it clear that he was not trying to throw anyone under the bus, but he felt things needed to be said to clear the air for historical purposes. It seems MC Shan was hurt by some of the things in the movie and does not view his friend Roxanne Shante the same way due to how she handled her business dealings with him over the Netflix biopic.

He reveals that this is partly why he is not doing any Juice Crew reunion shows. He reiterates that you will not hear him give a good review of “Roxanne Roxanne” on Netflix because he wants people to know now instead of 20 years in the future what is the real story. MC Shan states that he isn’t looking to be that artist to get on people’s good side and will say what is on his mind. Check out the interview below.


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