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McDonald’s Employees Get Into Huge Fights Caught On Tape

Female McDonalds employees fight in front of customers as the video appeared online and has gone viral.

On Twitter, a video has gone viral of two McDonalds cooks fighting in the kitchen area. The two women had a knock out, drag out, fight. Their altercation was complete with hair pulling and they wound up on the ground. While their co-workers tried to break them up, the person filming the situation can be heard telling them to let the ladies keep fighting. Meanwhile, there were people in the drive thru, poking their heads out of the car to see what was going on.

In another video, one female employee makes a b-line towards a metal frying basket used for submerging french fries in hot oil. She grabs one of the baskets by the handle and turns around to approach another employee, who grabs a metal waste basket. The two scream at each other while holding the equipment.

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