Meek Mill Calls Out Philadelphia Cops Over Walter Wallace Jr.

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Meek Mill spoke out against the death of Walter Wallace Jr. after Philadelphia police killed the 27-year-old Black man on Monday (October 26). Meek, a Philly native, criticized cops for firing more than a dozen shots at Wallace in the fatal shooting.

Police claim Wallace refused to put down a knife and came towards them, which led to the shots being fired. According to authorities, the cops did not have tasers.

A lawyer for Wallace’s family said they called for an ambulance to help deal with a mental health crisis. Wallace’s cousin Anthony Fitzhugh told NBC Philadelphia his late relative struggled with mental health issues.

“A so called ‘thug on the streets’ wouldn’t shoot a man with a small knife that many times to protect themselves…. the hood been seeing this our whole lives,” he wrote. “I posted for y’all to see a young man killed in front of his mom and coulda been resolved with a tazer or a shot or 2! Let’s help her ASAP!”

Protests and unrest hit the streets of Philadelphia following the shooting. This following a summer full of protests and riots due to the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd at the hands of police.