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Meek Mill Snaps On DJ Akademiks & Wants Him To Stop Posting Him

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Philly rapper Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks are in beef. Akademiks breaks down the history between them and things started to fall apart when Meek Mill had his beef with Drake. Meek Mill believed that Drake had bought bots post on Akademiks page and his own.

It led to eventually Meek Mill telling Akademiks not to post him after a recent post with Meek and his son.

Akademiks also goes in on rappers who exploit blogs and don’t give back when they reach a certain level of success. He believes artists should also help elevate their favorite blogs.

Check out the long story below from Akademiks own words below.

Akademiks also let everyone know that his beef with Nicki Minaj still continues despite his support for the single with Nicki Minaj and Tekashi 6ix9i9ne.