Meet The Real Life Siri #HoodSiriChallenge

A women went viral for her impression of the popular voice behind Siri. She even had plenty of people believing she was the real person as she was so on point. 

Under further research it has become known who the real lady behind the voice is and an unlikely story comes along with it. It seems the voice everyone hears everyday was not compensated well from Apple. She tells the story below.

I’m The Voice Of Siri: And No, Apple Didn’t Pay (Or Warn) Me

There are over 700 million iPhones in the world, and since 2011 they’ve all come with Siri, a virtual personal assistant who can help you do everything from check weather forecasts to drunk-dial your ex (hey, she’s here to help, not judge). In America, Siri’s voice was provided by Susan Bennett, in a role that catapulted her from successful but obscure voice actor to slightly more successful and slightly less obscure voice actor. (That’s about as much as voice actors can strive for.) Susan told us all about the weird lessons she’s learned from having her voice come out of everyone’s pocket.

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