Megan Thee Stallion Speaks On Close Relationship With The Carters

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Megan Thee Stallion is one of the hottest rappers out in the year 2020. She recently released her debut album, “Good News”, and also performed at the annual American Music Awards.

She has been an inspiration for women in the music industry ever since she dropped “Hot Girl Summer” and had iconic rap stars such as Nicki Minaj jumping on the remix. Megan has also worked with Cardi B and her fellow Houston artist, Beyonce, who she admired since being a little girl.

“Working with Cardi and Beyoncé, it was two totally different experiences,” said Megan. “Beyoncé’s the OG. Like, she is the standard. You want to be like Beyoncé. You want to grow up and be like Beyoncé. You watch Beyoncé from when you were a kid to this point in life. Beyoncé is somebody that is so top tier, you just feel so great to know that you even made it that you can even be in the room with Beyoncé. I felt like, girl, I was breathing Beyoncé’s air. That is a flex.”

She said that her relationship with the Knowles-Carters deepened following the “Savage (Remix) collaboration. “They both text me all the time and they send me inspiration things and like, that is just so crazy.” She didn’t mince words when it came to praising Cardi, either. “Cardi is like my homegirl. She is so great, she’s so fun,” said Megan. “We both are very unapologetically us and to be two women with big personalities and big confidence and still be able to coexist comfortably with each other, that is like a really big deal to me. I really respect her. I appreciate her.”

Check out the clip of Megan Thee Stallion’s Entertainment Tonight interview below.