Megan Thee Stallion’s Lawyer Believes Kelsey Harris Was Bribed Or Threatened


It was an eventful day when the former best friend of Megan Thee Stallion testified in court about the Tory Lanez alleged shooting of the Houston hip hop artist.

Kelsey was to play a huge part in the case for prosecution as she stated to be a key witness.  The woman who admitted in being in relations with the hip hop star from Canada was granted immunity. While testifying, she changed her initial statements, saying she didn’t see Tory shoot Meg, even though she’s on record saying otherwise.

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Speaking exclusively to The Shade Room, Spiro stated that Megan’s former best friend has been compromised. “It just shows she was compromised. Whether a threat or bribe, but we’re looking into it.”


When asked if he believes Kelsey was bribed, he replied:

Offered money and then changes testimony; we’ll let your readers decide.

Spiro also says “Megan was a victim of a shooting, and the evidence is overwhelming” against Tory. “Kelsey has already said in a recorded interview she saw Tory shoot Meg.”

Harris testified that she could no longer recall the alleged threat from Lanez inside the SUV and no longer remembered seeing him holding a gun or firing at Megan during an alcohol-fueled fight on July 12, 2020.

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In one portion of the recording played for jurors, Harris was heard telling prosecutors that after Lanez allegedly said, “I’ll shoot you,” he then “reached like he was going to grab something” from the SUV’s center console.

Harris, 27, agreed she made the statement in September, but when Deputy District Attorney Kathy Ta asked her to describe the alleged threat for the jury, she clammed up and claimed “some of those things I stated, they were not accurate.”

“The night was a blur. We were under the influence,” she said on the witness stand.

When prosecutors confronted her with her recorded statement claiming she saw Lanez “aiming the gun straight but always in a downward direction toward Megan,” Harris reversed course again and said she didn’t witness the shooting.