Megan Thee Stallion’s Name Brought Up Online With Tory Lanez & August Alsina


Alleged audio of the altercation has surfaced online disputing Lanez’s claims that he wasn’t involved in the bloody incident.

 Megan Thee Stallion‘s name has been brought into the drama surrounding Tory Lanez and August Alsina.  The Canadian artist has denied rumours and any wrongdoing that has been laid against him by the fellow singer. However, Alsina continues to state Lanez caused him physical harm by demonstrating photos he posted to social media.

A Twitter account believes Alsina’s account and states that “Welp time to deport Tory Lanez back to Canada. Who does he think he is putting hands on August Alsina and hurting Megan Thee Stallion.”


Tory Lanez called in on Akademiks to tell the popularhip hop vlogger that  “nothing happened” between him and Alsina, claiming that he had no idea if his fellow R&B vocalist was making the story up for promotion or something else, but insisting that he wasn’t involved.tory lanez

In the hours since, video and audio from the altercation have surfaced online, making things look worse for Lanez, who was also been dropped from an upcoming tour after comedian Rip Michaels confirmed Alsina’s claims about a fight taking place.

Twitter users have been having a field day reacting to the news, many of them pointing out that if the Canadian is caught lying about this situation, it won’t look good in his upcoming trial against Thee Stallion for allegedly shooting her in July of 2020.

“We’re literally witnessing how this [leperchaun] gets on the internet and lies and gaslights his victims,” one person wrote. “Tory publicly stated he had nothing to do with beating up August Alsina and we can clearly see his lying ass caught in 4K. He did the same with Megan! F*CK HIM.”

Others added, “Rip Michaels even confirmed that Tory Lanez assaulted August Alsin. This is not looking good for Tory especially when he has impending case for shooting Megan thee stallion in the foot.



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