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Melanie Durrant – Shea Marie Diva & Vixen Podcast Episode 7

WorldWide Entertainment TV Exclusive - Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast Episode 7

melanie durrant

Motown Alumni Melanie Durrant Talks Label History, New Album, Verzuz, Toronto Artists, & More!

Melanie Durrant is one of the women in Toronto that has help trail a blaze for young women to follow in her city. She brings a sound that is different from the average Jane by channeling some of the greatest singers in history as her inspiration. This style has helped her to get noticed by fellow artists, award committees,  and record labels. She was nominated in several categories at the 2004 Canadian Urban Music Awards and at the MuchMusic Video Awards.

It is safe to say, that she has plenty to say and this was the case with her appearance on Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast. On a promotional run for her latest release, Melanie Durrant gives an inspiring interview that tracks her history and also her future plans.



Melanie Durrant speaks about her dreams coming true by signing a record deal with her dream label, Motown Records, when she captured the head of the company’s attention through a “Superbowl” commercial. She would then become an independent artist and follow her new path in the streaming era of the music business.

This did not stop Melanie from speaking about how iconic the label was to the fabric of urban entertainment’s future independent label craze that would take place in the hip hop era. She also praised the label’s biggest acts such as Diana Ross and The Supremes for laying down the blueprint for today’s artists such as Beyonce and Janet Jackson.

Admitting her love for old school music, Melanie Durrant speaks about deriving her musical talent through her mom at a young age. The singer was learned in the art of being a pianist at a tender age. Her mother continues to sing and she joins her in a tribute show to the all-time greats.


The singer appreciates the Timablad and Swizz Beatz platform of Verzuz especially in these trying times of a pandemic. The event which started off as an Instagram event for followers on the Mark Zuckerberg platform, quickly turned into a cultural phenomenon.

As she was speaking about touring with the likes of Jill Scott. She made mention of an impromptu singer battle at the concert she was apart of it. Eventually, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu would appear to the mainstream in a showdown on Verzuz. Melanie Durrant states the event reminded her of the time before the pandemic touring with the legends. Durrant gives her take on which Toronto artist she would love to see appear on Verzuz and reveals her favorite Verzuz presentation.


In the era of social media, the music business has been forced to change. Durrant talks about adapting and the many comedic aspects that arise out of the technology such as the latest drama surrounding fellow Toronto artist Drake.


Melanie Durrant speaks on the many women that have made waves from her city. Although she is an enigma of her own, she has no issues giving flowers to artists such as Michie Mee, Divine Brown (exclusive footage seen with Shea Marie interviewing the icon), Deborah Cox, and more.


In discussing her latest project, Durrant stated she is proud of “Where I’m At,” which is the artist being independent. In classical form, Durrant gives fans the opportunity to purchase the album in vinyl form and also on all major streaming platforms.

She has joined forces with Toronto rapper and video producer, Knemesis, under his company Goldmine Media. His catalog of music videos include Michie Mee and also worked with the late Shea Marie. Footage is included in the broadcast that has never before seen with behind the scenes footage of “Picture Me Rollin.” Durrant reveals that she will be releasing another music video to follow “Bait and Switch.”


Released via Melo-D’s Inc, Where I’m At is the third full-length album from award-winning Canadian singer Melanie Durrant.

Executive Producers
Melanie Durrant and Maurice Laurin


released May 7, 2021

All songs written by Melanie Durrant
*Ride With Me written by Sebastian Kole, Melanie Durrant

Production by Statik Selektah, MoJointz, Ced Solo, Snaz, Don Destin, Alann Ulises, Evan Miles, Ricky Tillo

Cuts by Dj Grouch

Recorded by Rabby Teng, Evan Miles
Mixed by Evan Miles
Mastered by Phil Demetro

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00:00-2:35 Melanie Durrant describes her New Year so far
2:35-9:00 Connection with her mother with Motown tribute show and childhood singing/pianist
9:00-11:22 Talks about her daughter and single dedicated to her with Dru & Harpoon Missile.
11:23- 16:17 Melanie Durrant talks about who she believes to be greatest artists ever listing Diana Ross and more.
16:18-20:44 Talks about Lil’ Kim, Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat, and greatest female rapper of all-time
20:-45-22:55 Speaks about being signed to Motown Records
22:56-26:19 Lists groundbreaking women from Toronto in the music industry such as Divine Brown & advice from Director X
26:20-30:45 Discuss Drake and hot sauce meme along with social media era. 30:46-45:30 Recaps her career nominations with Juno awards, Muchmusic Video Awards, and more.
45:31-35:40 Experiences with touring with Jill Scott & Erykah Badu along with meeting celebrities Keisha Knight Pulliam and Alphonso Ribeiro.
35:41-39:31 Discusses favorite moments from Verzuz and which Toronto artist she would like to see appear on the platform.
39:32-45:31 Talks about new album “Where I’m At” and working with Knemesis along with exclusive footage with Shea Marie. It is safe to say, that sh